The Real Barfy Logos of New York

by Sovereign of Spew on April 14, 2011

Barfers, we need to talk. About something important: reality television.

Reality TV is the newest way to make a living doing almost nothing, and you have to love that. How else would you explain the existence of this person?

Or this t-shirt?

This is the heart of the issue. What’s better than coining a catchphrase, then hawking merchandise of said catchphrase? Only saying something stupid and planning to hawk merchandise WITHOUT putting time, energy, or money into the graphic design.

Like this person: Alex McCord of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York. Alex says something stupid in the series’ latest episode. 30 seconds in, she declares fellow housewife Sonja Morgan is a THUG IN A COCKTAIL DRESS:

Luckily, Alex is a graphic designer, so her merch is ready and standing by!

Thug in a Poorly Designed T-Shirt

LORD. It’s a who’s who of bad fonts. What kind of body fits that dress? It’s like Betty Boop with implants. Maybe we can get the thug out of the cocktail dress and into a graphic design class. Just an idea.

Don’t get all aggressive on me, I’M JUST BEING REAL.


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Butts by Design

by Sovereign of Spew on April 14, 2011

Alex sent along this little gem.


Yes, one of our most infamous, hated trends, by design. A fail all on its own. Though, I must also make the observation that no matter how tempting making a logo out of initials might be, if you initials then form a butt, you have failed. Butts by Design. Cut and print.


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Don’t Mind If We Do

by Sovereign of Spew on April 14, 2011

It’s the only way that we can handle this logo, really. To follow the instructions that it’s laying out for us. GET IT?

If I Must

Poor barfer Sara passes this every day on the way to work. If only Sara could be stoned too. Then the utter obviousness of this logo might be tolerable. GET IT? IT’S A BEE ON A STONE! BSTONED!


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Your Logo Needs Anti-Aliasing HELP

by Earl of Hurl on April 12, 2011

When creating a mark for your design company do not — I repeat: DO NOT — do anything to bring Internet Explorer to mind. Like, you know, including the IE logo in your own.

Thanks to Barfer Eli.


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Full Service Dental

by Sovereign of Spew on April 8, 2011

Thanks, Mina!

I’ve gotta get to Village Family Dental Spa. There is no waiter at my dentist’s office. There are no suits at my dentist’s office, they all wear SCRUBS. How low brow.

Also, as Mina points out, what do they do, serve your rotten tooth to you after they pull it out? For your dining pleasure? Yum. I’m booking my appointment as we speak.


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by Sovereign of Spew on April 8, 2011

This little gem gave one of our barfers, who remains anonymous for their own protection, nightmares as a child.

HOLY SHIT! In Mansfield/Ontario/Richmand county, viruses don’t just get you sick. They chew on GLASS AND NEEDLES! How are we possibly going to stand a chance? We can’t even really prevent them, because they are EATING OUR PREVENTION!

I’m scurred.


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Practice Safe Design

by Sovereign of Spew on April 7, 2011

Barfer Niki alerted us to the fact that while Dentyne may advocate safe breath, they are certainly NOT giving that consideration to their design.

Unsafe Design

WHAT IS THAT? I stared at it for a while and all I get is a cow’s head in profile. I’m guessing that breath is NASTY. Any other brave barfer care to venture a guess?


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