Practice Safe Design

by Sovereign of Spew on April 7, 2011

Barfer Niki alerted us to the fact that while Dentyne may advocate safe breath, they are certainly NOT giving that consideration to their design.

Unsafe Design

WHAT IS THAT? I stared at it for a while and all I get is a cow’s head in profile. I’m guessing that breath is NASTY. Any other brave barfer care to venture a guess?


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Cityhall April 7, 2011

wow that took me awhile but I think its a close up of two mouths about to tongue wrestle.


debb April 7, 2011

I squinted hard enough to find that it looks like two moutholes about to make out.


s April 7, 2011

Those are mouths on the lower left and upper right.


Jared April 7, 2011

It’s either an old woman, a young girl, a duck or a fish. It depends on how you look at it.


Al April 7, 2011

Yep. Extremely hard contrast and brightness dropped, that is a liplock seconds from happening.


Robbie April 9, 2011

Now that you’ve said it, I can see the impending kiss (and that makes sense in context). But really what I see is most of a face in profile, facing left. The left-hand mouth forms the nose, the dark area above that to the right is the eye, and below the eye is a rather puffy cheek.


Amanda April 11, 2011

I, too, could only vaguely see a cow’s head. I’m glad to know it’s a lip-lock. It has that whole distressed copy-from-a-copy thing going on. You know, if your alliance is all about safe breath… clean breath… your logo should not be grungy. I want to brush this logo’s teeth.


Robbin April 27, 2011

I see a shadowy dancer in a wizard hat!


Kenny May 1, 2011

The first thing I saw was the lips. I guess I should go wash my head after letting it sit so far in the gutter that I figured out the kissing part before I read the words.


Alexandra May 6, 2011

what was that thing in middle? I was looking at it and looking and I could not figure it out. Maybe it’s a portrait of someone they know.


Jamie May 8, 2011

I see the lip lock, but at first it looked like a tall guy with his hand on his back playing a backwards saxophone HAHA. nice to see even the big companies do it wrong.


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