About our Blog

We love design.

Like most relationships based on love, we feel compelled to endlessly nag, critique, denigrate and chastise the object of our affection. Your Logo Makes Me Barf is a website for designers with a sense of humor. We serve up the best worst logos from around the world with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Our audience is a mix of creative industry workers, professional designers, aspiring designers, and a general public pulled in by too-insane-not-to-share design disasters.

Our Posts

We post at least three times a week, sometimes more, hopefully not less. Many of our posts are submitted by barfers (aka readers) like you. We’re committed to original content that you haven’t seen anywhere else and try and only pick on logos that have been used in a commercial context.

Our Authors

YLMMB has multiple authors, and yes, we use psuedonyms. Not everyone has a sense of humor and we’d rather not be harassed IRL by people who can’t take a joke. Some of us are graphic designers, some of us aren’t. We’re all design lovers, creative types and media addicts. We spend way too much time on our computers. We’re mostly based in the flat, middle parts of the United States.

The Dark Times

Your Logo Makes Me Barf was offline for almost a year. The previous Barflords got screwed by their hosting company and thought all was lost.
We happened to know said Barflords and, with a little insight from them, performed some dark interweb magicks to recover almost the entire site from The Googles. Thanks Googles. A few winks, nods, handshakes and contracts signed in blood later and we had taken the reins of one Damn Funny Website. Our first official post as Barflords came on August 2, 2010 and we were back in action. Since the relaunch we’ve been focused on bigger and badderer features (like the Barfy by Design megaposts) and making the site performance as zippy as possible.