Barf FAQ

I left a comment. What is that barfy-looking B thing?

The Barfy-B is our default avatar (the little picture that represents people) for comments. Our commenting system uses Gravatar for user avatars. If you want something different than the Barfy-B, go to, create an account, upload an image, and (THIS IS IMPORTANT) associate the email address you use to comment on our website with your Gravatar account. Whatever avatar you have assigned to that email address will show up on our site.
Using a custom Gravatar will help people identify you on the site and make conversations easier!

I found the worst logo ever. Will you post it on the site?

There’s more information on our Submit a Logo page, but here’s a bit more info to help you figure things out:
  1. We don’t like to post logos that have already shown up on another website in the same context. Meaning, if another blogger posts a bunch of terrible sports team logos, we don’t want to just copy those and post them on YLMMB. We try and feature original content whenever possible.
  2. We love photos of bad logos in the wild! However, we’ll need to know if you took the photo yourself or if you found it somewhere else.
  3. We never intentionally post spec work or student work. We want logos that have actually been used in a commercial context. We know that logo farm contests and the like are rife with terribleness, but we’re sticking with logos that have really, actually been used. Logos that were in use at some point but aren’t anymore are just fine.
  4. Tell us as much as you can about the logo. You can even write up your own funny – we love posting jokes and captions from readers and submitters!

Who runs this site?

You can learn a bit more about us on the About page.

You guys are fucking assholes and I want you to take my logo down.

That is not a question. Also, some of us are ladies, you are sexist.

I’m sorry for being rude. Would you please take my logo down?

We’d really rather not. If we have somehow mistakenly posted a logo that was part of a student portfolio or speculative work created for fun, please let us know and we will take it down. We try to only post logos that were, at some point, intended for an audience to consume.

I forget to come back to the site. How can I stay connected?

Note: No one has actually asked us this, but we wish that they would!

  1. You can subscribe via RSS. If you don’t know what RSS is, well, you’re probably not going to start using it just for our site so we’re not going to bother explaining it to you. Google it.
  2. You can follow us on Twitter. We tweet out a link to each post as well as other interesting design links we find.
  3. You can follow us on Facebook. We share each post on our Facebook page, as well as occasional bonus barf.
  4. You can write “Go check for new stuff” in your hipster PDA every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday out for the next year or so.