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The Real Barfy Logos of New York

by Sovereign of Spew on April 14, 2011

Barfers, we need to talk. About something important: reality television.

Reality TV is the newest way to make a living doing almost nothing, and you have to love that. How else would you explain the existence of this person?

Or this t-shirt?

This is the heart of the issue. What’s better than coining a catchphrase, then hawking merchandise of said catchphrase? Only saying something stupid and planning to hawk merchandise WITHOUT putting time, energy, or money into the graphic design.

Like this person: Alex McCord of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York. Alex says something stupid in the series’ latest episode. 30 seconds in, she declares fellow housewife Sonja Morgan is a THUG IN A COCKTAIL DRESS:

Luckily, Alex is a graphic designer, so her merch is ready and standing by!

Thug in a Poorly Designed T-Shirt

LORD. It’s a who’s who of bad fonts. What kind of body fits that dress? It’s like Betty Boop with implants. Maybe we can get the thug out of the cocktail dress and into a graphic design class. Just an idea.

Don’t get all aggressive on me, I’M JUST BEING REAL.


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New Gap Logo is a Box of Fail

by Viceroy of Vomit on October 5, 2010

There’s rebranding in a cool, fun, contemporary way.

And then there’s whatever the fuck Gap just did.

Old Gap logo:
old gap logo

New Gap Logo:
new gap logo

Quickfire jokes from the officemates:

  • Isn’t that an old IBM logo?
  • “Trying to put a square peg in a round hole.”
  • What the fuck is that square doing?
  • Sweet gradient.
  • Did someone lose a blue gradiated rectangle?
  • Design-style: Powerpoint.

- – -

CONTEST!!! $50 iTunes giftcard contest for the best caption. Check the comments for details.

Update: Contest deadline has passed. Cheers and thanks all!

- – -

More Gap logo linky goodness:

More hilariously barfy logos:

Update: VICTORY!! Good job barfers.


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The Drake Advantage: Your Logo Gets an F

by Earl of Hurl on September 2, 2010

This logo has been floating around in our backyard for a few weeks now, and it would be a travesty if we didn’t share it on YLMMB.

Drake University recently launched its new Drake Advantage marketing campaign, along with a logo sure to make potential students feel secure in their decision:

Drake Advantage logo

Brilliantly, it’s the first thing that greets visitors to the admissions page.

Drake Advantage logo 2

Read more about how they arrived at this design (thanks to some focus testing) in this Des Moines Register entry.


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Here begins a series of posts so nauseating, so barf-inducing, so unbelievably vile that, for your health and ours, we are afraid to even post it. But post we must. Please enjoy the first of at least five (yes, five) volumes of Barfy By Design – terrible logos from companies using one of the most empty and meaningless name cliches out there: “by Design.”


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My Aunt Flow

by ylmmb on September 11, 2009

I know what you are thinking but yes, it’s real. Our submitter says it was found on a brochure for medical services out of Singapore.

Logo submitted by Bill.


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Your Mom Works at the Library?

by ylmmb on August 18, 2009

Aged eighteen years. The way I like it.

Logo submitted by Mark.


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Cat Butt Makes Me Barf

by ylmmb on July 6, 2009

A first glance I had hoped this one was some kind of act of vandalism…at second glance, I threw up in my mouth. Bonus points for needlessly italicizing every single word in the sign that’s not part of the name.



Chris took this photo in Portland, Maine.


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