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IAOOUWIACITL: International Association of Organizations Using Words in a Circle in Their Logo

Is That a Logo in Your Pocket?

by Sovereign of Spew on March 17, 2011

This logo comes to us from Fritz, who pointed out that the logo mark (for an insurance company) in combination with the company name looks a little… stiff.

His Cocks

Oh, Fritz, aren’t you being a little hard on this designer? They were just pumping away at this design and they don’t need you being a dickens about it. I think you’re just being cocky. Maybe next time you’ll just take a closer look at the logo package and not be such a tool about it.



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You Don’t Need to Hire a Designer

by Earl of Hurl on January 31, 2011

If you’re asking yourself, “Do we need to hire a designer to create our identity?” follow up by asking, “How much do I care about this logo?”

If the answer is, “Enough to buy a stock photo, but no more than that,” you do not need to hire a designer. Fire up Microsoft Office 2002, center that cursor in Word and settle in for an afternoon of graphic design!

Drop forget the drop shadow!


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I’ve Got a Tower to Show You, Watson

by Sovereign of Spew on January 21, 2011

I get it. Initials as a logo. Combined interestingly. A classic (if boring) start to a logo. There’s just one oversight. Maybe I don’t need to say it. It’s rude.

TW Penis


Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. The logo. Not the penis. Ewww.


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It’s a New Reindeer Game

by Earl of Hurl on December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! Here’s a mess of a logo.

An anthropomorphic Santa glove is playing fetch with Rudolph and a ninja star! Christmas is a magical time.


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Final Em Race – The HHK Strikes Again

by Viceroy of Vomit on August 30, 2010

Detective: Is the autopsy complete?
Coroner: Yes. I have…bad news.
Detective: No…NO! I thought he’d given up.
Coroner: Not yet. It looks like the Heart Hug Killer has struck again.
Detective: HHK has eluded us for too long. I swear on my life I will track him down!
Coroner: You might want to sign up for the Final Em Race newsletter to get some hot tips.
Detective: Who’s the detective here, huh? You do your job and I’ll do mine!


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Yappy Yuppie

by ylmmb on August 14, 2009

Stranded on the ocean without food or drinking water for days, the young active professionals resorted to using their neckties as paddles.

Logo submitted by Chris.


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Mad Libs

by ylmmb on August 6, 2009

I could drive a boat show through those letters.

Logo submitted by Wkunert.


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