The Drake Advantage: Your Logo Gets an F

by Earl of Hurl on September 2, 2010

This logo has been floating around in our backyard for a few weeks now, and it would be a travesty if we didn’t share it on YLMMB.

Drake University recently launched its new Drake Advantage marketing campaign, along with a logo sure to make potential students feel secure in their decision:

Drake Advantage logo

Brilliantly, it’s the first thing that greets visitors to the admissions page.

Drake Advantage logo 2

Read more about how they arrived at this design (thanks to some focus testing) in this Des Moines Register entry.


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Words in a Circle for the Cure

by Earl of Hurl on September 1, 2010

Have we no heart? Cancer/other-horrible-disease fundraiser logos? Really?

Yup. Good causes deserve good logos, good marketing, good branding. These logos are not that. We have enough of a heart not to make jokes at the expense of each individual group’s logo, but nonetheless present for your consideration the following stirring designs:


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Final Em Race – The HHK Strikes Again

by Viceroy of Vomit on August 30, 2010

Detective: Is the autopsy complete?
Coroner: Yes. I have…bad news.
Detective: No…NO! I thought he’d given up.
Coroner: Not yet. It looks like the Heart Hug Killer has struck again.
Detective: HHK has eluded us for too long. I swear on my life I will track him down!
Coroner: You might want to sign up for the Final Em Race newsletter to get some hot tips.
Detective: Who’s the detective here, huh? You do your job and I’ll do mine!


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Is it the Age of Aquarius – or Just Bad Design?

by Earl of Hurl on August 27, 2010

Barfer Meghan spotted this sign. We’re having a hard time narrowing down our favorite feature: yin-yang bullet points? Hand drawn font? Vibrating color scheme? What appears to be a signature in the lower right hand corner?

Weigh in – what makes you the most nauseous?


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Welcome to Volume 2 of Barfy By Design – terrible logos from companies so uninspired they used one of the most clichéd naming conventions out there: “By Design”. No time to waste, let’s get to the barf!

Well, that’s it for now. Join us again in a couple of weeks for Volume 3 of Barfy By Design – oh yes, there’s a lot more where these came from. Found your own hometown By Design logo disasters? Send ‘em our way at


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Mustachioed Irish-Canadian Taxi Driver Clown Mascot Logo

by Viceroy of Vomit on August 23, 2010

Can you guess what kind of business this mustachioed Irish-Canadian taxi driver clown mascot represents? If you guessed furniture, then you are a lot smarter than us.

I do not want to sit on any couch this dude has sat on.


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The Nike Swoosh, It’s Not

by Earl of Hurl on August 20, 2010

Straight from the pages of Sky Mall (and barfers Jessica and Gracie) comes the spelling-challenged Gravity Defyer shoe.

Oh yeah, and there’s also something wrong with its logo.

Gravity Defyer Logo

The website has a helpful diagram of the shoe itself, labeling important parts, such as the “Slick Seed of Life Logo”.

Gravity Defyer Shoe


Edit! Thanks to Barfer Shawn, there’s a confirmation from Gravity Defyer that this is actually a sperm.

From their press release:

GRAVITY DEFYER™ LOGO CAUSES PULL OUT – pain free/comfortable footwear line still swimming upstream despite retailer outrage.

Sherman Oaks, CA (August 31, 2010) Online shopping giant QVC and catalog mailer Seventh Avenue are the latest to run from the Gravity Defyer™ “seed of life” logo controversy.

Alexander Elnekaveh, founder and CEO of Gravity Defyer™, states, “Our logo is deliberate. Our customers feel like they are getting the beginning of a new life when they try our shoes. Pain and fatigue are alleviated, energy is restored; they can walk and exercise again. What represents that? The seed of life. We’re not embarrassed by it, nor are our customers. We are currently working with some of the best retailers in the world and look forward to future business opportunities with companies that are liberal enough to embrace this concept. There’s no shame, there’s pride.”

Holy balls.


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