Submit A Logo

Submitted by Viewers Like You!

We want to see the best worst logos you can find — whether they feature Comic Sans, Cluttered Clipart, or some Serious Swooshes. If you can think of one, send us a humorous comment, too. If the logo and/or comment meets our barfy standards we will post it on the site and credit you for finding it (if you want). Some of the barfiest logos out there aren’t found on the web so don’t be afraid to send photos!

Send logos to this email address:

We will default to crediting people by their first name – you MUST tell us if you’d prefer to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym or screenname instead. We might not be able to post everything that comes in, but we promise to look at every single submission.

Are your submissions private?

Yes! As we said above, unless you ASK us, we WILL share your first name or screenname. You may simply ask if you want to remain anonymous. We will NOT add submitters to email lists, share their personal information, or otherwise leak out your info.

Can I submit totally anonymously?

Yes, just make a dummy email account with a free email service, then don’t use it again. Ta-da!

What format is best?

We prefer, whenever possible, for you to send us the logo just as you found it. If it’s in a Microsoft Word document, or a TIFF, or only exists as a snapshot taken from your iPhone–send it in! We can work with any file format and sometimes that’s part of the fun (“Not only is this logo terrible but they could only send me super pixelated JPG to work with.”)