There are animals in these logos.

House of Misshapen Pets

by Sovereign of Spew on March 24, 2011

Well. Thanks John.

Before we saw this logo, we weren’t really sure where to CONNECT with our freaky dog-octopus, half-a-cat, bottomless fish, human-horse, or whatever that thing in the middle (that kind of looks like a butt) is. Now we know that when we need to connect with the heart and soul of our mutant pets, we should definitely give Angie a call.


Category: Pets

Dr. Frankenstein’s Animal Hospital

by Sovereign of Spew on February 18, 2011

Alta Bluff is the perfect animal hospital to go to when you love your cat so much, you want it implanted on the back of your head.

Unfortunately, they don’t appear to do rhinoplasty.


Category: Pets

A Thirsty Iguana Logo

by Earl of Hurl on February 14, 2011

Thanks to Barfer Scott:

“Is it just me, or are you now thirsty for pee margarita?”

Yeah. That’s totally unappetizing.


Category: Restaurants

Evil Butts

by Sovereign of Spew on February 11, 2011

Cat Butt

Nothing says sexy women’s clothing like a bit of cat butt. Or a cat butt in the shape of the X Box logo. Or as many devil horns as POSSIBLE.


Category: Clothing

REALLY Bad Kitty

by Sovereign of Spew on February 11, 2011

So, you may wonder what a Bad Kitty is. It’s not just for Hot Topic anymore. The Bad Kitty is now also a brush stroke human body with an awkward cat head on it. We’re guessing that this may not actually be legal, based on the touch of beastiality vibe.

The REALLY Bad Kitty

This logo comes to us from I beg you, plead you, to go to this website. Not only is this sweet piece of design there, there is also a photo of the original Bad Kitty herself.  Priceless.


Category: Small Business

Not Just a Clever Name

by Sovereign of Spew on February 10, 2011

This logo is kind enough to caption itself for me.

Really Bad Cat

I love it when they do the work for me.


Category: Design

We Breed… Gorillas?

by Sovereign of Spew on January 20, 2011

We Breed... something.

Yantis is actually a swine breeding farm, but you wouldn’t know it by their logo. Based on the illustration, I would guess that they breed gorillas, godzillas, and perhaps the occasional ManBearPig. Serials.


Category: Small Business

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