Zapfino is Spiritual.

by Sovereign of Spew on November 12, 2010

Of all of the barfy fonts out there, Zapfino is a shining star. What other font makes everything instantly fancy? Rich? Expensive? Spirital? Vomitous?

We know that there are a limited number of decent fonts to go around. But seriously, people. Dig deep. Look harder. Find something that is not on EVERY fucking salon sign and French restaurant. You can do it. We have faith.

Nice Yin Yang.

Speaking of faith, check out this keeper. It’s got a flower, a yin yang, AND Zapfino all in one! If that isn’t a religious experience at a spa, I have no idea what is.


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Feel Enchanted

by ylmmb on August 19, 2009

The only feeling I get is the feeling of upchucking.


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I Want You…to Design Better Logos

by ylmmb on March 27, 2009

Joe writes in with this logo saying, “This is the logo for some sort of arcade/coffee shop for army personnel at Fort Carson, Colorado. OUR TROOPS DESERVE BETTER!”

And we agree!



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