Illustration Fail

Illustration Fails happen when someone tried their darndest to draw something representational in a logo, and, for one of many reasons, it just didn’t work out.

Thanks to Barfer Jim for sending this one in today:

We’ve got a one-winged plane awkwardly integrated into an acronym — as if we need to be reminded that “planes” and “airports” go together.



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When You’re Having an Alien and You Need to Learn

by Sovereign of Spew on March 25, 2011

Choch sent this logo along and was so kind to translate it, as well.

Loosely, it’s “Center for Education to be Born”. A pregnancy clinic, perfect for when you’re a deformed naked pink lady with a detached butt cheek that is about to give birth to a multicolored backward number six. Also, is that purple line meant to be a birth canal? The baby isn’t going to spring from her chest, is it? I’m never procreating.


Category: Medical

House of Misshapen Pets

by Sovereign of Spew on March 24, 2011

Well. Thanks John.

Before we saw this logo, we weren’t really sure where to CONNECT with our freaky dog-octopus, half-a-cat, bottomless fish, human-horse, or whatever that thing in the middle (that kind of looks like a butt) is. Now we know that when we need to connect with the heart and soul of our mutant pets, we should definitely give Angie a call.


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One Dirty Dynamic Swoosh

by Earl of Hurl on March 21, 2011

Barfer King Kapuke turned in Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc. for their more-than-suggestive logo:

This logo is ready and waiting for you, big boy.


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Your Logo Needs a Tampon

by Sovereign of Spew on March 18, 2011

Wow. Thanks, Barfer RoyB. This is something REAL special.

Honestly, what’s really remarkable about this is how completely happy this lovely Scandinavian lady (logo is for a medical company) is. “HELLO WORLD! I AM ON THE RAG! I AM COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED! PMS CAN GO FUCK ITSELF!!”

Seriously though. Tampon. You’re a mess, you’ve clearly ruined those jeans.


Category: Medical


by Earl of Hurl on March 14, 2011

I really don’t. Know what the fuck.

Thanks reddit.


Category: Construction and Contractors

Who Needs METAL Health?

by Sovereign of Spew on March 10, 2011

Metal Heath Gym thinks it’s very clever.

Who needs to be smart when you’ve got PECS OF STEEL? I think if this guy existed in real life, he’d probably have to walk on all fours.


Category: Small Business

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