3 Strikes, You’re Out

by Earl of Hurl on February 22, 2011

Thanks to Barfer Julianna for sending in this spa’s logo:

She lays it out for us:

Strike 1- Papyrus
Strike 2- Intersecting words
Strike 3- Papyrus (so bad, it counts twice)


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Simple and Sad

by Earl of Hurl on January 12, 2011

Barfer Alex sent this logo over quite a while ago.

Papyrus is a wily beast – maybe it doesn’t seem like there anything so bad about this logo. But don’t fall for its seduction! Not only is this a barfy logo, but it’s used by a large landscaping company who works with many big names in the Chicaoland area. A resolution for 2011, Damgaard? Put a bit of money aside for a branding overhaul.


Category: Construction and Contractors

Mocha An

by Earl of Hurl on December 20, 2010

This is, sadly, just a representative image for all the tanning salon logos using Papyrus, circles, and palm trees. Luckily, this specimen also features an object as a letter.


Category: Small Business

This Spa is a Triple Threat

by Earl of Hurl on December 8, 2010

1. Weird hand which may be made up of manicurist’s tools. It’s a smidge too serial-killery for my tastes.

2. Papyrus.

3. Name fail. They fess up to having a “snappy” name on their website, but this doesn’t not absolve them of a total name fail.

We caught this on Lamebook last week. It’s not like us to recycle content – we’re “lucky” enough to find ample shitty logos on our own and through the Barf Bag. This one just called loudly enough that I knew it needed more love.


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We often receive submissions of bad website headers like this.

They aren’t really logos, but people have certainly chosen to represent their business poorly when they made a banner that’s little more than the business’ name typed out in a crappy font.

Today, we received a logo that is a bad website header brought to life. Thanks to an anonymous cell phone submission for the hot mess that is ASH Services, LLC’s actual logo mashed up with a disparate font and weird spacing choices.

I count: Papyrus, a drop shadow, and…just what is that new font? It’s got a jungle-themed birthday party invitation feeling that I’m finding very festive.


Category: Small Business

I’m sorry. Whenever I see images of fertility deity Kokopelli my mind turns to mush and I just hear those tiny mice in Disney’s Cinderella singing “Cinderelly, Cinderelly”.

And so, tiny-mouse song cheering me along, I bring you this collection of Kokopelli logos. You’ll learn that he is a versatile deity who loves bike rides, golfing, and long walks on the beach.

The field of Kokopelli logos is a fertile one – I left out a winery, a brewery, another logo with papyrus (!), a sushi joint, two hotels, another coffee shop, another bike shop, and a nursery. Know of a Kokopelli logo that deserves to be here? Submit it asap to


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Some Might Call That Impressive

by Sovereign of Spew on October 1, 2010

It’s true, the right paper product can leave a good first impression.

Totally Impressed

And yet, there are so many other first impressions on this logo. First impression: cliche-driven name. Second impression: horrible font choice. Twice. Third impression: graphic recreation of teenage boy choking the chicken skyward.

Really. Very impressed.


Category: Small Business

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