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They’re Always After His Lucky Charms

by Sovereign of Spew on March 17, 2011

In honor of St. Paddy’s, we thought that a barfy leprechaun or two were in order. Witness: Canadian rock group Sexual Leprechaun.

Sexual... WHAT?

WELL. How bout that? My question is:  is that a leprechaun lady down there, fondling the lucky charms? Otherwise, that is a TINY woman. Well, more power to you, sexual leprechaun. I’m off St. Paddy’s day for life now.


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American Financial Boobies

by Sovereign of Spew on March 4, 2011

MJ pointed out something quite intersting about this logo. We daresay sexy.


This innocent star shaped man has no idea that he’s cozying up to perhaps the biggest breast ever. Not only that, his head is a nipple! Wow. That’s gotta be someone’s sick fantasy.

HEY! We’ll thank you to focus back on Financial Concepts and stop staring at the cleavage. How rude.


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REALLY Bad Kitty

by Sovereign of Spew on February 11, 2011

So, you may wonder what a Bad Kitty is. It’s not just for Hot Topic anymore. The Bad Kitty is now also a brush stroke human body with an awkward cat head on it. We’re guessing that this may not actually be legal, based on the touch of beastiality vibe.

The REALLY Bad Kitty

This logo comes to us from I beg you, plead you, to go to this website. Not only is this sweet piece of design there, there is also a photo of the original Bad Kitty herself.  Priceless.


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XXX… It’s Family Friendly

by Sovereign of Spew on February 4, 2011

Frederick County, Maryland wants you to know that it is a family friendly county.

Family XXX Friendly

And to let you know this, Frederick County, Maryland has selected three BIG RED ‘X’s. When you’re looking for family friendly, just look for that familar symbol, XXX. That’ll point you in the right direction.

We’re going to go watch this family friendly movie now. Harry Potter and the Order of the Penis.


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Ample Breasts for the Feeding

by Sovereign of Spew on February 3, 2011

I’m pretty sure that this logo, which is for Carolina Baby Company, is meant to be a mother and a baby.


But all that I can see is giant fake tits. Also, is that crescent meant to be an arm? Because if it is not, and that is meant to be a baby, then that baby is LEVITATING. It’s true. Breastfeeding is a magical experience.


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Those are Some Freaky Solutions

by Sovereign of Spew on January 28, 2011

Gettin' Freaky

Based the image content, I’ve determined that Root Solutions specializes in Kama Sutra. These are the kind of solutions you better limber up for if YAKNOWHATIMEAN. Giggity.


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“You know what sounds great? Pizza. You know what ELSE sounds great? Pornography. IF ONLY THERE WAS A SERVICE THAT I COULD USE TO HAVE BOTH DELIVERED TO ME!”

Your prayers have been answered:

Porno Pizza Logo

This is a totally real thing. It was even featured on BoingBoing a few years back.

There are other graphics they pair their logo with, but this was the least likely to get you fired for viewing at work version that we could find.


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