Love is in the Air

by ylmmb on September 12, 2009

And who wouldn’t want to marry this lovely clipart couple?

Logo submitted by Clayton.


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by ylmmb on August 17, 2009

How do you tell someone that their newly unveiled “logo” is a complete disaster? Sure the concept is really specific but what’s with the total lack of execution, professionalism, and design? Ugh..

Gonzalo & Kristin both sent us this one.


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100 Years! Of People Shrinking

by ylmmb on July 8, 2009

“Here in Minnesota we have HUGE black people, small brown people and average sized yellow people. The bottom of our state is also being consumed by a creeping green menace…”


Submitted by Todd.


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WTF Wisconsin?!

by ylmmb on July 1, 2009

One would really think someone would warn them about this kind of stuff.


Logo submitted by Charity.


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Broken Wings

by ylmmb on June 14, 2009

According to the submitter, “the bird was poorly traced off of an old painting that they rotated and flipped. So now you can’t really tell which way it’s flying. It’s all lumpy looking and looks like a squashed bat.”


An anonymous barfer from Texans sent this in.


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$50,000 Mistake

by ylmmb on March 25, 2009

If you keep holding me upside down I’m going to barf.


DeChazier writes in saying, “This new Wisconsin logo is HATED amongst us Wisconsinites
and the worst part was that it cost us taxpayers $50,000! It doesn’t accurately represent our state or the people in it.”


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The Three Food Groups

by ylmmb on March 13, 2009

Recent studies have shown that hill people in the U.S. are severely suffering from malnutrition. To help combat this blight the USDA has designed a new food pyramid to show these people how they can improve their diets.


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