Too many designers rely on that dynamic swoosh to add a little something “extra” to their boring logo.

One Dirty Dynamic Swoosh

by Earl of Hurl on March 21, 2011

Barfer King Kapuke turned in Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc. for their more-than-suggestive logo:

This logo is ready and waiting for you, big boy.


Category: Construction and Contractors

Börk Börk Börk

by Earl of Hurl on February 9, 2011

‘Foreign Space Restaurant’ here receives the honor of barfworthiness not because I don’t know what it says, but because of its use of the dynamic swoosh and chromy letters.


Category: Restaurants

A Damn Splashy Letter S

by Sovereign of Spew on January 27, 2011

This logo is like a cloud. The more I look at it, the more images I see. I’ve moved from 90′s style dragon to overly stylized flame.

What do you see, Barfers?


Category: Small Business

Simple and Sad

by Earl of Hurl on January 12, 2011

Barfer Alex sent this logo over quite a while ago.

Papyrus is a wily beast – maybe it doesn’t seem like there anything so bad about this logo. But don’t fall for its seduction! Not only is this a barfy logo, but it’s used by a large landscaping company who works with many big names in the Chicaoland area. A resolution for 2011, Damgaard? Put a bit of money aside for a branding overhaul.


Category: Construction and Contractors

Who’s Your Daddy?

by ylmmb on September 8, 2009

Reaching beyond the polo and khaki set to the new metal-core-loving golfers.

Logo submitted by Anonymous and special thanks to Cat and Scott.


Category: Sports

Alpha Dog

by ylmmb on September 1, 2009

Go ask your dog what this logo is suppose to communicate.


Category: Pets

Deli Shez

by ylmmb on August 25, 2009

Suppose to read like “Delicious”… and I continue to be amazed by shopkeepers’ brilliant creativity.

Logo submitted by Sally.


Category: Restaurants

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