words in a circle

We Did Not Skew This Logo

by Earl of Hurl on February 7, 2011

These words in a circle advocate for animals in a county shaped like this, containing two highways.


Category: Pets

You Don’t Need to Hire a Designer

by Earl of Hurl on January 31, 2011

If you’re asking yourself, “Do we need to hire a designer to create our identity?” follow up by asking, “How much do I care about this logo?”

If the answer is, “Enough to buy a stock photo, but no more than that,” you do not need to hire a designer. Fire up Microsoft Office 2002, center that cursor in Word and settle in for an afternoon of graphic design!

Drop forget the drop shadow!


Category: Professional Organizations

We Know How Things Fit Together

by Sovereign of Spew on January 27, 2011

For example:

Star Shaped Person-G-N Logo

This star-shaped person fits together AWESOMELY with this scary brush stroke text and these words in a circle.

Thank God someone around here is the solution.


Category: Small Business

Happy New Year from YLMMB!

by Earl of Hurl on January 3, 2011

If 2010 was any indication, 2011 will be another banner year in bad design. Here’s a sample of what you have to look forward to.

We’re always looking for your submissions. Send barfy logos to logos@makesmebarf.com. And have a happy new year!


Category: Features

Merry Christmas from YLMMB

by Earl of Hurl on December 24, 2010

Where ever you are for the holidays, may you be surrounded by good design.

FYI: Dolphins in a Christmas wreath and words in a circle are not good design.


Category: Civic

Bone Daddy Chiropractic Clinic

by Viceroy of Vomit on October 13, 2010

Gaylord Chiropractic Center Logo

You can’t make this stuff up. Even forgiving the giggle-inducing name of Gaylord Chiropractic Clinic for being based on the town’s name, everything else about this is seriously WTF. This might be our most tagged logo yet. You’ve got:

  • Accidental Genitals
  • Words in a Circle
  • Illustration Fail
  • Unnecessary Quotes
  • Gross
  • WTF?
  • In the Wild (thanks, anonymous Barfer who submitted this one)
  • And, we take it back: Name Fail

Even if the spine didn’t resemble a dong I’d still be physically uncomfortable thinking about those creepy monster hands adjusting my bones. Bones. Hehe.


Category: Medical

Words in a Circle for the Cure

by Earl of Hurl on September 1, 2010

Have we no heart? Cancer/other-horrible-disease fundraiser logos? Really?

Yup. Good causes deserve good logos, good marketing, good branding. These logos are not that. We have enough of a heart not to make jokes at the expense of each individual group’s logo, but nonetheless present for your consideration the following stirring designs:


Category: Non-Profits