yearning for kerning

We Will Jam Our Marketing IN YOUR EYE

by Earl of Hurl on January 12, 2011

This anonymous Barf Bag submission is all kinds of hot mess.

I see the letters of “in” jammed together for no reason, lens flare, and OH YES – this logo seems to be happening to someone’s face.

Anything I missed?


Category: Marketing/Advertising/PR

Always Dummy-Check Your Word Treatments for Farts

by Earl of Hurl on January 7, 2011

Jammed together words? Check. Star-shaped stick figures representing empowered people? Check.

But the best part? Farts.


Category: Non-Profits

Mad Libs

by ylmmb on August 6, 2009

I could drive a boat show through those letters.

Logo submitted by Wkunert.


Category: Professional Organizations

Graphic Garts

by ylmmb on August 5, 2009

“Amazing that a company serving the Graphic Arts community has such a horrible logo.”


Submitted by Debi.


Category: Design

The Ten Commandments of Barfy Logos

by ylmmb on March 16, 2009

1. Thou shalt not have any other fonts above Comic Sans.

2. Thou shalt not commit kerning.

3. Honor your email address, phone number, or website in thy logo.

4. Thou shalt not apply any kind of color scheme.


5. Remember thy clipart and keep it holy.

6. Thou shalt not anti-alias thy logo.

7. Thou shalt not make for yourself a logo but in MS Paint alone.

8. Thou shalt make wrongful use of 3D text in thy name.

9. Thou shalt not take thy ’swoosh’ in vain.

10. Thou shalt not use a concept.


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