your logo is on FIRE

This Logo Will Put the Fear of God Into You

by Earl of Hurl on January 7, 2011

An  anonymous Barfer from Minnesota send in this youth ministry logo.

And says,

“Nothing threatens like all-caps and italics, ‘Join our youth group or we’ll cut you with an Illustrator charcoal brush-cross, and then burn you into submission’ like the Ignite Youth Ministries in Iowa.”


Category: Religious

This Logo Convinced Me of the Need For Your Product

by Earl of Hurl on December 30, 2010

Does this logo make anyone else feel nervous?

I imagine the business owner watches a lot of sensationalist news and told the graphic designer, “People don’t understand that they need fire extinguishers. We’re going to make them understand. I want my logo to scare people into buying my product.”


Category: Service Industry

A Fiery Pile of Vomit… for Your Car.

by Sovereign of Spew on November 5, 2010

There is NO LIMIT to how EXTREME is.

in FIRE.

Not only will they wrap your car, and indeed the world, they will also apparently vomit on it and set it on fire. That’s what I call full service. Thanks, Anonymous, for submitting this to us. Keep them coming!


Category: Small Business

We promise not to do this again!

When Cudd Well Control went to design a logo, they thought it best to really, really, really emphasize the worst case scenario.

Thanks, Bob, for the submission!


Category: Construction and Contractors

Touched by Barf

by Earl of Hurl on August 18, 2010

Today we bring you a round up of logos from businesses whose names were chosen to ensure you that their services are life-changing. While they may be revolutionary, their logos are simply nauseating.


Category: Features

Flaming Barf

by ylmmb on March 31, 2009

If you have a bad logo, why would you think adding flames would make it better? This thing is a hot mess, or maybe just a mess.


Logo and comment submitted by Clayton.


Category: Technology

Barf Madness

by ylmmb on March 24, 2009

In honor of March Madness we offer you three sports bar(f) logos that are sure to make you forget your bracket woes.


Hey look..They made a shark out of flames.. Pass the wings..




If the odd space animal (does anyone know what that is?!) doesn’t convince you to come, maybe the retina burning colors will.


Categories: Restaurants, Sports