Zapfino is artistic

by Sovereign of Spew on November 12, 2010

Zapfino plus camera equals awesome

I would like a logo that states: “Not only am I FANCY, I am also a photographer.”



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Zapfino is not so spiritual

by Sovereign of Spew on November 12, 2010

It’s not just for Hester Prynne anymore.

Zapfino A

This is a logo adopted by Richard Dawkins-brand Atheism. Which is to say, it’s a logo about nothing. Good thing minimal effort was expended.


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Zapfino is Spiritual.

by Sovereign of Spew on November 12, 2010

Of all of the barfy fonts out there, Zapfino is a shining star. What other font makes everything instantly fancy? Rich? Expensive? Spirital? Vomitous?

We know that there are a limited number of decent fonts to go around. But seriously, people. Dig deep. Look harder. Find something that is not on EVERY fucking salon sign and French restaurant. You can do it. We have faith.

Nice Yin Yang.

Speaking of faith, check out this keeper. It’s got a flower, a yin yang, AND Zapfino all in one! If that isn’t a religious experience at a spa, I have no idea what is.


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Some Might Call That Impressive

by Sovereign of Spew on October 1, 2010

It’s true, the right paper product can leave a good first impression.

Totally Impressed

And yet, there are so many other first impressions on this logo. First impression: cliche-driven name. Second impression: horrible font choice. Twice. Third impression: graphic recreation of teenage boy choking the chicken skyward.

Really. Very impressed.


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