Tell Gap to take their Spec and go to Hell

by Viceroy of Vomit on October 7, 2010

So how does GAP/Gap follow-up on a complete frigging design disaster?

By asking the community to fix it for them. For free.

Our official opinion at Your Logo Makes Me Barf is: Fuck Spec. Here, these guys put it a little more nicely:

Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit this link.
  2. Swallow your pride and click “Like”. (You have to Like the page to be able to comment. Blame Facebook, not us.)
  3. Give them hell about their crowdsourcing bullshit.
  4. Unlike the page. (It’s way down on the bottom left.)
  5. Bask in our collective smugness.

Go go go.


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Amy October 8, 2010

done and done.


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